Overcome Stress and Anxiety

Here you will find all the tools to assist you deal with Stress and Anxiety.

Achieving Balance in LifeA guest post by Karen Ellyard.

Life has moved so fast of late, I just noticed that I was way out of balance.

I had not been paying attention, and little by little, my balance disappeared.

Before I knew it, I felt myself feeling overwhelmed and tired.

I knew I had to look at everything – and I am lucky I have a good friend who gave me a good talking to and got my attention.

Balance requires prioritizing and I had become so busy with work I neglected the most important aspect I needed to be able to keep working… Me.

Anxiety Depression MeditationThis post deals with the Energy Dynamics of Anxiety and Depression – and the Power You Have to Change It.

There is a saying, “If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” Lao Tzu.

I feel there is a lot of truth in this statement.

Energy flows where attention goes.

We have the choice where we place our attention, in the past, present or future. The power to change our lives is in the present; it is indeed a “present”, as it is a gift we give to ourselves.

I have experienced both anxiety and depression throughout my adult life.

I have come to realize how our thinking and the quality of our thoughts play a big role in influencing these states of being.

If you are thinking and feeling negative thoughts and emotions, it can create anxiety which can also lead you to feel depressed.

Depression Anxiety MeditationAnxiety and depression are very common conditions in our modern society.

Living with these conditions doesn’t make you any lessor human being. In fact it often means you have greater empathy and an open heart.

I have had bouts of panic attacks and depression for many years. The content of this album is very close to my heart, something I was inspired to create, not only for myself but to help others. 

Visualization and meditation have really helped me; the trick is remembering to use these tools during a crisis.

Meditation Technique for StressWho is not stressed-out in today’s world?

People who are practicing a relaxation technique, that’s who.

There are many choices, but my personal favorite is Meditation.

I hope you are still with me, since so many just have to hear the word Meditation, and they run for the hills.

They run because sometimes … the thing we need the most is the very thing that we resist.

Can you learn to Meditate right here and now? Well, of course you can.

living with balanceLiving your life is a very easy thing – but the challenge … is to live a balanced life.

A balanced life is living with peace in each element of your existance; Career, family, social, etc. – with each element of your being; mental, physical and spiritual.

A balanced life is a peaceful life in every aspect.

A balanced life is necessary for personal effectiveness, mental peace and living well. We all have responsibilities; whether we are working, going to school, or retired. And while dealing with those responsibilities, we will face many troubles and possibly get frustrated. So to get rid of that frustration and stressful energy we must do proactive things to keep us in balance.

Calming MeditationThe fast pace of life has made people increasingly susceptible to stress – as a result of the continuous pulls and pressures of a hectic lifestyle.

Chasing money and materialistic possessions has an adverse impact on the mental well-being of a person. To add to the existing stress, technology and gadgets have made information available at all times at all places thus adding to stress instead of being a facilitator.

To reduce this stress and tensions, one should start doing meditation. It relaxes the body, mind and spirit.

So, let’s start from the basics.

Focus on the PositiveIt is easy to get caught up in the negative side of life with the rising cost of living, bad weather, struggling economies – not to mention the negative side of what we see on television.

It is important to remember that what we focus our attention on we become.

There are many blessings in life every day, but where is your attention; on hardships, stress and unhappiness (which are created by us) or the blessings and joy in our life?

Healing MeditationAs a human on this planet we can experience a range of emotion from love to fear and everything in between.

Fear can prevent us from taking risks in life and also slow our spiritual growth. It can also be a precursor to spiritual growth by motivating us to face our fears and take action.

Often we have pain and trauma in our heart that needs to be released and healed.

The guided meditations in this package are designed to support and assist you to release your fears and heal your heart in a safe space. The last track takes you on a special journey to heaven to review your life and meet and connect with your departed loved ones.