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Future Life ProgressionMore and more people are becoming disenchanted with the pressures of modern day living and are looking for ways to have more control of their lives and their futures.

Many books on self-improvement are available and the Life Coach industry is expanding rapidly.

Virtually every book you read, or every bit of advice available, relates in some way to reprogramming the subconscious mind. This can be by visualization which is espoused in books like “The Secret“.

It is commonly accepted that the subconscious mind is the most powerful tool we as humans possess. On the one hand it is our automatic pilot which controls all the activities we need to stay alive; Our breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, intake of food and water, avoidance of danger, etc. etc. etc.

ReincarnationWhen we reach the end of our life it is said that we get to review our life. For me this rings true.

Our spirit guides are there with us and we review our life, from start to finish, kind of like on a big cinema screen.

We see and feel how we have influenced others in positive and negative ways throughout our lives and we see the lessons we learnt or didn’t learn.

We see things from a higher perspective, how spirit views things.

ReincarnationWhen writing of spiritual development, it helps to find simple analogies to give perspective to deeper esoteric principals. With that in mind, I ask you to please consider the humble light bulb.

In essence there are two forms working together.

The physical structure that gives it a real-world presence and the energetic component of light.

An outer shell – and an inner life force. Sound familiar?

Mozart Child ProdigyMozart wrote a Sonata when he was 4!

“An argument which the Vedantists advance in support of the theory of Reincarnation is that ‘Nothing is destroyed in the universe.’

Destruction in the sense of the annihilation of a thing is unknown to the Vedantic philosophers, just as it is unknown to the modern scientists.

They say ‘non-existence can never become existence and existence can never become non-existence.’ Or, in other words, that which did not exist can never exist, and conversely that which exists in any form can never become non-existent.
This is the law of nature.

Remember Past LivesThe idea of an eternal soul is a belief that has been shared amongst all nationalities and religions – proven by the first written records.

The scholars, poets and artisans have entwined Reincarnation into their creations throughout human existence.

But one of the biggest objections to the belief in Past Lives, is that, ‘If we have lived them, Why can’t we remember them?’

This explanation is drawn from the eBook, Reincarnation – The Vedanta Philosophy.

“Some people deny the existence of the soul in the past simply because they cannot remember the events of their past.

Others, who hold memory as the standard of existence say, “If our memory of the present ceases to exist at the time of death, with it we shall also cease to be, we cannot be immortal.”

They hold that memory is the standard of life. If we do not remember then we are not the same beings.

Vedanta answers this question by saying that it is possible to remember our previous existences. Memory is nothing but the awakening and rising of latent impressions above the threshold of consciousness.

Past Life ReincarnationI have found ‘Reincarnation‘ and ‘Past Lives‘ to gain greater interest than most other articles I write about.

I have spent the week delving deeper into the doctrine and have created several posts covering the topic.

For a directory of all the Reincarnation and Past Life resources I have on Explore Meditation – please look at the bottom of this post.

But, before shining the spotlight of learning onto the origins of Reincarnation, I first wish to make one thing clear.

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