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Spirits on EarthI would like to talk to you about earthbound spirits and why they are different to spirits that cross over. Fortunately there are not as many as most people think as the majority of spirits do cross over.

I think it is a shame that in most cultures there are misconceptions and fear surrounding death. Sadly, most people are not comfortable discussing this subject. I have found that although all spirits are given the choice of crossing over some decide not to. 

Manifestations of SpiritIt often seems every book you read gives you conflicting opinions as to what is the “spiritual truth”.

Not to mention Hollywood’s version of spirit – which though entertaining at times can be very misleading.

I am always very wary of anyone who claims they have THE truth as one thing I have learned in my journey is that there are very few absolute truths.
As we grow and learn the beliefs or truth that we clung to change.

What I wanted to share with you now is a way of looking at the different manifestations of spirit and energy that make sense to me.

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