Aura Cleansing, Aura Colors and How to See the Aura

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Adding Color to your LifeA guest post by Karen Ellyard.

Color can be used in our homes and work places to calm or heighten your energy.

Colors can have such a wonderful impact upon how we feel, and with a little understanding, you can use colors to inspire specific emotional and physical responses.

  • We can wear colors to create certain moods
  • We can use color during our meditations
  • Color can also be used in healing

Here is a brief summary of what Colors can do so you can use them to help achieve the results you want.

How to see AurasWhen young children draw pictures of people, they think it quite normal to pick bright colors and scribble over different body parts.

They don’t put much thought into it … They grab a pencil or crayon from the pile and scribble where it feels most appropriate.

For many people, this lends credibility to their belief that it is common for children to see auras.

And what do most teachers and parents do? Tell them to choose more natural colors and reward them for drawing ‘with-in the lines’.

We may boast that our children have colorful imaginations, but we may well be missing that seeing aura’s is a natural occurance, and inadvertently doing all we can to dull their psychic sense.

But seeing auras is a skill that we can re-learn. (Though we first need to un-learn the ‘normal’ that has been drummed into us.)

Aura CleansingAll living things have an aura.

The aura is made up of different types of energy which manifests itself above and beyond the surface of the skin.

The aura is a very subtle interaction of energies and surrounds the human body for a distance of yards.

There are many layers, colors, shapes and patterns in the aura.

The characteristics of the aura change according to the mental, physical, spiritual or inner state of a person.

The aura is a pure field of energy.

4 Responses to Aura Cleansing, Aura Colors and How to See the Aura

  • Misty

    Very informational stuff, thanks for posting. I think we all need to clear up the blocked chakra in our lives in order to live life to the fullest and be as healthy as possible. Colors are very important in symbolizing each different chakra, and I believe meditating often can calm our spirits and create good, positive aura fields.

    • Explore Meditation

      Very True Misty. Blocked energy in our bodies can cause dis-ease on all levels of our being; Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual… meditation and awareness, associating colors with chakras, is a great way to restore balance and true vitality.

  • Rutvik

    My interest in meditation and spiritual growth has increased. You will not believe but I have read all your posts! I’m just 14 yrs old, is it ok if I practise what you have posted? Can you give permission to post this knowledge on my Facebook page?

    • Explore Meditation

      Hi Rutvik, thanks for your enthusiasm! That is great you have spent time on my site… there is a wealth of knowledge available now. Age is no barrier to learning. Go for it! And each of my pages has the ability to Like and Share on Facebook. That is a really great way to help spread the word to your contacts. All the very best!

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