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Psychic ReadingsA spirit-inspired guest post by Brad Austen.

Humanity has taken an interest in the future, particularly their personal future over many ages.

Throughout history Psychic Readers and Intuitives have been sought after to allow us to explore options, to give us an edge to make the wisest decisions.

But can we read the future with any certainty?

And does knowing the future potentially influence the outcome?

This article will explore these questions and attempt to bring some clarity to them.

EmpathyA guest post by Karen Ellyard.
It has been a sad time for me with the passing of our beloved dog, Charley.

It is times like this when being an Empath is really difficult and I have really struggled with this gift (or at times I think not a gift).

When Empaths have a connection we feel what the other soul is feeling. As Charley became ill I could feel her deteriorating which was far from pleasant.

At this time I want to honor our beloved Charley who brought us many years of absolute joy and all of you Empaths out there that struggle with balancing the emotions and feelings they absorb.

Psychic BlockageWant to know how to get rid of the conduit blockages that stand between you and inner peace, health and happiness?

Want to know how you can clean negative energies and be the conduit to healing and spiritual balance?

Then perhaps becoming a Psychic Conduit is the path for you.

Setting Boundaries with SpiritBoundaries are important in all areas of our lives as they are a statement that we respect and honour ourselves enough to set one.

It is important to set boundaries in all of our relationships.

So if you are working with spirit, in any capacity, it is vital that you set boundaries for this also.

Spirit is drawn to those that can communicate and if we don’t set boundaries we can get bombarded constantly. No one like to be on call 24 hours, 7 days a week!

What is Channeling?Chances are you have heard of the word channeling before, or seen a live channeling or read a channeled article.

But what is channeling and can anybody do it?

Channeling is a natural state and most people do it all the time without realizing it. We may call it a hunch or a gut feeling which later turns out to be correct. You could say there is unconscious channeling, which everyone does, and conscious channeling that a medium does. Anyone can learn to channel and become a medium, but not everyone desires to.

Clairvoyant PowersIt is believed that each individual is born with clairvoyant powers. Yet because we aren’t conditioned to develop them, use them or fully understand them, we sometimes think it is only for the gifted or chosen few.

However, we are all capable of developing our clairvoyant powers through understanding, a little patience and some practice.

Clairvoyance is a French word dating back to the 17th century. Clairvoyance means clear vision. A person who has developed their clairvoyant powers has the ability to gain information by using their extrasensory perception or ESP.

Here are some tips to helping you develop your extrasensory perception and utilize your clairvoyant powers:

Psychic DevelopmentWhen you are on the spiritual path, you are naturally drawn to look for the lessons you can learn in everything you do, and from the people that you meet.

It gives a greater understanding to the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What also happens as your energetic vibration increases is that you tend to resonate better with others on the path and choose to spend your time in ways that are more likely to give you opportunities for growth.

(I once laughed out loud when I realized I was really enjoying my Friday night doing Yoga and discussing eastern philosophy – instead of being at the pub busting-lose with some dodgy disco dancing.)

But as well as spiritual growth, my personal journey incorporates the desire for psychic growth. Although in the same suburb, they are different avenues to drive down and explore.

So when I meet those who are very psychically connected – I crave to learn all that I can.

Contacting my Dead FriendDoesn’t time fly? I can’t believe a year has passed since my dear friend left the Earth plane.

Although Adriana hadn’t been well for some time, it wasn’t life-threatening … so it was a shock when I heard the news.

Adriana is, (and I can say this now she isn’t here to reprimand me), 20-ISH years older than me. We had a strong connection, and although we loved each other; we weren’t ‘in love’ with each other.

She would call me her soul brother and I would call her my big spiritual sister. She was an only child so I was honored to form part of her adopted family.

We first met in a work environment. I was a cameraman and she was the talent. After completing several TV commercials and a reality pilot, our friendship strengthened and we would call each other on occasion without work as the motivator.

Psychic TruthI want to tell you quickly about my Hit, Miss and Fish theory. I adopted it into my thinking just over a year ago and I believe it is serving me well.

There was a reality TV show in Australia called ‘The One‘, in which psychics were put to task and evaluated on their performance.

The cranky judge on the panel (there’s always one), was from the Australian Skeptics Association – and did his best to discredit the contestants’ abilities. When analyzing how the contestants performed on platform (reading for the live studio audience) he would apply the Hit, Miss or Fish theory.

Developing Psychic AbilitiesDid you know that every human being is naturally endowed with “God-given” psychic abilities?

These ‘supernatural powers’ do not only belong to the gifted few, as anyone can develop these psychic powers.

All you need is the key to unlock your potential.

Let us quickly look at the Psychic Powers you could be enjoying.

Psychic ProtectionYou walk in to a busy shopping center to do your groceries. It is loud, busy, and not all of the energies are nice.

A couple is arguing in the corner, a baby is crying uncontrolled, the cashier hates their job and secretly wishes the isles would fall like dominoes and crush all of the customers.

We all have situations in our lives where we must interact with people without our choosing. Whether it is strangers on a bus, relatives at Christmas, or school and work colleagues…

We all know the feelings … Some people make us feel great and uplifted; others drain our energy and leave us flat.

But should our well-being be at the mercy of others? Definitely Not.

Sixth SenseI encourage you all to spend a moment to sit and relax and listen to that still, small voice…

What is it, this feeling, this instinct we all have?

Your sixth sense enables you to know. To know more than your five common senses tell you.

It is a seemingly intangible thing, yet when we feel it, we know it.

Psychic ClairaudienceOur natural psychic gifts are related to our physical senses – and I believe we need to heighten our physical senses to develop our psychic senses.

It is difficult to hear spirit when you don’t hear what is going on in your physical world, just as it is difficult to see spirit when we don’t make the time to see what is right in front of us. Let us look at some obvious correlations.

Develop your Spiritual PowerMay The Force Be With You!

Whether you love or hate Star Wars, it is fair to say that it has greatly influenced pop-culture and the society of today.

Me? I like it. I’m not fanatical, don’t get dressed up, play with figurines or hang out in chat rooms. I’ve just a really fond memory of going to the cinema as a small child to see the first Star Wars on the big screen.

At the time, everything about it was Amazing! And not just the Visual FX of the light saber or those X-Wing fighters trying to blow up the Death-Star.

What grabbed my attention most was the fight between Good and Evil. The white energy of Luke Skywalker or the Dark energy of Darth Vader…

And the fact that there was an entity called THE FORCE.