Developing Psychic Abilities

Developing Psychic AbilitiesDid you know that every human being is naturally endowed with “God-given” psychic abilities?

These ‘supernatural powers’ do not only belong to the gifted few, as anyone can develop these psychic powers.

All you need is the key to unlock your potential.

Let us quickly look at the Psychic Powers you could be enjoying.

The Psychic Senses

Clairvoyance: “See” beyond the physical worlds, and explore the Astral Planes

Clairaudience: “Hear” people from the Astral Planes, the afterlife

Clairsentience: “Feel” and “Sense” Energies from the inner planes of life

Psychic Mediumship: Contact deceased people now living in the afterlife

Psychic Intuition: Sense and interpret Psychic Energy including events

Telepathy: Communicate with other humans and other life with the Mind alone

Spirit Guides: Communicate with your Spirit Guides and other Astral helpers

Higher-Self: Communicate with your Higher-Self for valuable guidance

Psychometry: “View” or sense past events by feeling an associated object

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Developing Your Psychic PotentialAs humans have become more focused upon material things, influenced by religion, and have become more skeptical, these natural psychic abilities have been forgotten over time – but not lost.

These natural psychic abilities lie buried deep under layers of materialism and indoctrination – hibernating, just waiting to be rediscovered and brought to the fore once again.

As the saying goes “use it or lose it”.

As with the loss of any facility, whether it is psychic, physical or mental, once the realization exists that any natural ability can be restored with the right knowledge, exercise and commitment, the motivation to succeed takes over, and all you need then is the guidance.

Once awakened, as with any ability, the more you use your psychic ability the stronger they will become, and they will feel like a natural part of your everyday life.

One of the secrets to success in developing your psychic powers is the belief that they work.

20 Responses to Developing Psychic Abilities

  • Belita E. Telmer

    Hi there, First off, thank you so much for all the valuable information you have sent me, and for the wonderful rainbow colours meditation, so much appreciated!! I am a Reiki Master and use it every day on myself and everybody i come in contact with every day, i love giving!!! Thank you so much for this information on Developing Psychic abilities, i have already been blessed with a good few already, but would love to study and explore all the information. Have to find somebody to help with my payment, as i do not have a banking a/c, as being a pensioner, it is all in cash. So will find some way to deposit the cash direct. Once again thank you for always sending me all the information on all and everthing, so grateful for the knowledge. Love all the meditations!!!!
    With lots of love and light to you, Belita.

    • Nigel Coates

      You’re very welcome Belita. I trust your growth is continual and your giving nature returns to you all that you need for balance. Namaste, Nigel.

  • Antonia Credit

    Lately I’ve been wondering about the “extrasensory” world. There are so many events we can’t observe. That makes me wonder if there is events going on people can not measure or can be known by science.

    • Nigel Coates

      Scientists and Spiritualists have always had their differences. One works in Facts and the other in Faith. For me, faith is the most constant. Developing technologies throughout history have allowed for scientific breakthroughs – which continually changes a scientists view of the world.

  • Enyanga Lokoka

    Hi, I want to know the technique of psychic material attraction, how attracting abundance! Thank you! Enyanga Lokoka,

  • girinath

    Hey, I want to know if we read all of these 4 books can we achieve the true power of clairvoyance?

  • Rebecca

    i want to know how to levitate things! is that possible?

  • Accelerator

    Hi. I was wondering about trying to develop a certain specific abilty. I dont know if its really even a possible abilty to develop but i would hope it is. I was wondering if it would be possible to haave an abilty of being abke to control and manipulate vectors. See i know it might sound weird but i got the idea from a anime show called To Aru Majutsu No Index. Its basically a show about people who are espers (people with abilitys). And in the show my favorite character is Accelerator who has full control over vectors. And from what i understand everything has vectors. He can do types of things like put a type of sheild around his body so when something gets thrown at him or if he gets shot or anything no matter how big, even getting hit by a car, it reflects it all i guess it turns the vectors of the object to 0 so it instantly stops it but idk exactly how it would instantly reflect it right back where it came from the moment it touches the sheild. Anyways he can also do other things like kick a rock and accelerate its vectors or something and send it flying forward at a very dangerous high speed or even cbange the vectors beneath his feet to where if he trys to push off to run it sends him basically like gliding extremely fast across the ground. Also apperently i think he can only control the vectors of anything hes able to physically touch. He even stomped his foot on the ground and completely shattered the road beneath him and started braking the glass off the building windows around him. Anyways i dont know if manipulating vectors is even an ability thats even possible to have but if its possible at all, tgen its something i wouldnt mi.d getting working towards being able to do. Please reply anything you can. Thx ^.^

    • Accelerator

      Just also wanted to add something. Basically its being able to manipulate vectors but i guess in a way you can think of it as the tyoe of ability thqt send something somewhere. Like i said having the invisible sheild like thing around your body that redirects objects in the other direction. Or like by redirecting the vectors beneath your feet to send yourself in the other direction or lowering the magnitude vectors of an object to beable to just kick it and have ut go flying like a bullet. For maybe a better explanation you can just google Accelerator tamni wiki. Nd it brings up the character im talking about ans it should also have a linked “Vector Change” word in there that takes you to the wiki for Vector change that might explain more about it.

      • Nigel Coates

        Hi Accelerator, Interesting points – but I think the level of vector deflection you are wanting to master might need to remain in the cartoon world. It is possible to manipulate energy, but if it was possible for a human to do it to the level you are describing – they would be a super-hero and you could look at the how-to section of their website. Good luck with it though… never give up trying to expand your mind and pushing our limiting beliefs with what is possible!

  • Tony Lunnie

    Can u help me bring out my psychic powers to the very higest degree were I can be almost god like. Superhuman beyond what words can describe. I tried alot of programs and failed and got nothing but lies and no response and no results. I hope that you can really help me on this. I have a repeat cd player and I hope that you can really make me a super human natural phychic. I have been working on this for a very long time about 25 years. This is my calling in life and please help me.
    Sincerely, Tony

    • Nigel Coates

      Hi Tony, if you have tried for 25 years to be ‘God-like’ or ‘Super Human’ and you have gotten no results – what is your intent? If you were better than the rest of us mere mortals, what would you do with this power? True spiritual work is purposed for the betterment of all, and we strive to remove our ego from the equation. Nigel.

  • Michael Grant

    Dear Nigel,

    You have developed and marketed this very well. I’m going to get it. However having touched the ultimate divine, the mere comprehension can be awesome and terrifying. Just examining the motivation behind each individual’s expectation is a very personal journey,full of balance between, put simply, Devine joy and materialistic hubris.

    I had a patient and friend who was gifted with these qualities naturally, the stories I could tell, yet her unassuming selflessness maintained her gifts in balance. A difficult feat in Our Day now.

    You are so right about our ego, “that” we can not take with us and our knowledge must go too, only the learning remains.

    You have certainly set yourself a hard and exacting task of responsibility in sharing your insight, the only saving grace is that it folds out with the appropriate customer motivation. I’m still uncertain about the phenomena of evil here. Not something to explore but to be aware of.

    I shall look forward to exploring your work.


    All the joy the world contains has come through wishing happiness for others. 
    All the misery the world contains has come from wanting pleasure for oneself.
    ~ Shantideva 

  • Ridwaan Jeggels

    I’m very young. I find these telepathy psychic abilities, I get visions, De ja vu and plenty other psychic abilities, so I want to find out am I psychic.

    • Nigel Coates

      Hi Ridwaan, it is said that we are all psychic, it’s just our ability to tap into that potential that is in question. So yes, you are psychic. Enjoy the sensations of your abilities! Good Luck, Nigel.

      • Ridwaan

        Sorry for the ignorance of the last message but I am a lot better at my psychic abilities. I dream about things and when I wake up and after a few hours it really happens. I even sense things will happen before they do. I just want to know how to control this ability.

  • Monique

    I’m surprised people want to be godlike. For me, having such abilities, it would be about helping – myself and those dear to me. But! I have always been afraid; of the dark, of seeing “things”, feeling what no one else can perceive… So I’ve learnt to switch off. Why? To protect myself from those who can’t see or feel. I’m still afraid of the dark though, and I still “feel” things, but I ignore it. And now, when I’m 38, I’m beginning to be curious; what if?… Should I start exploring, or simply accept that I’m to afraid to be able to handle such abilities?

    • Nigel Coates

      Hi Monique, thanks for sharing. It is completely normal to hold reservations about developing psychic abilities. Beforehand, you can work with your guardian angels by asking them for protection. That can give valuable reassurance. Also, finding a Spiritualist Church can be great if you want support from people with similar interests. Then you are guided by people more experienced than yourself, who are also able to answer questions as they arise. And following a specific resource specifically designed to allow you to grow can work well to. The choices you make are yours, but an accepted spiritual belief is to live from a space of love, and not a place of fear. Good Luck! Nigel.

  • Melissa M

    You could try asking your spirit guides for help in “hearing” them, and for clarity. Allow yourself some quiet/meditation time daily. Learn to focus your mind, so to clear it from distractions. This doesn’t mean that you cannot hear anything else, you will be aware of everything, but the distractions will be background noises and not take center stage. Above all, realize that developing these skills, is a lifelong journey, so go easy on yourself and have fun!

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