Charging Your Chakras

Charge ChakrasSomething that is common across many fields of study is success.

If you wish to be successful at your pursuit, find an expert and mold yourself in their image.

That it not to suggest that you lose your identity, but rather, to learn from them all that you can.

For those of us with a deep interest in spiritual growth, striving to be the best that we can be is a natural desire.

In this current day and age, India, believed to be the birth-place of meditation, is one of the only remaining countries in which it is possible to live a life completely dedicated to spiritual enlightenment. For most of us in the developed western world our spirituality most often fits in between our many real-world tasks and responsibilities.

So what can we learn from the world’s masters of spirituality? … The Indian Masters and Yogis.

Spiritual Masters

Spiritual MasterI have seen several yogis speak at spiritual gatherings, and not only does their energy fill them room with wonderment, their words paint majestic pictures and inspire enlivened thought. I’ve had realizations hit me square between the eyes and travelled through time in a thought bubble with minutes passing before my return to the present conversation.

Connection with these enlightened beings is a blessing.

But what if we could look even deeper into these masters actual practice? What if we could know the exact nature of their meditation experience?

Well, with developments in technology, we can.

Our spiritual-self interacts with our physical-self via electrical impulses travelling through our nervous system, with the ‘state’ of our spirit directly affecting the ‘state’ of our body.

Our brainwave frequencies move between different vibrational patterns depending on what the situation requires and these fluctuations can be measured.

Digress here if you wish to know more about Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave patterns and their effects on the body.

ChakraSo what happens to a master yogi’s spiritual/physical connection when they are in deep meditation?

Brainwave experts have carried out numerous definitive studies and have the exact answers.

But simply knowing what happens to them is just the start.

Using simple audio technology – it is very possible to recreate these exact same frequencies in ourselves in just a few short minutes.

With Binaural Beats – Sine wave generators are used to create two separate frequency waves, which are introduced to each ear independently. The brain reacts by creating a third tone (which is the mid-point between the two). The brain instantly reacts to this new frequency, causing an immediate shift in our consciousness function.

With Isochronic Tones – which are considered by many as the most effective type of brainwave entrainment, equal intensity tones are played in each ear, but the pulse speed is much greater, which causes the brain to synchronize with the rhythm.”

Testing on the safety and effectiveness of these methods has been very extensive and given a resounding ‘all clear’. In fact, better than that; the results have been absolutely amazing – and even those very new to the practice of meditation are quickly enjoying all of the benefits that previously took years of dedicated study to achieve.

How To Charge Your Chakras

At this point I wish to talk about the power of you Chakras, as developing your chakras is an essential ingredient in spiritual development.

Chakras are energy points within your body which receive and transmit vital life-force energy.

Digress at this point if you wish to learn about chakra basics before returning.

But to put it simply, chakra stimulation is an ancient art used by practitioners of Yoga and Meditation to heighten their spiritual awareness.

From the study of the master yogis who were working on their chakra power, an audio program has been specifically created to balance, tune and increase the vitality of your chakra system. Chakras are vibrational in nature and respond very well to these positive sound vibrations.

The spiritual gurus who tested this audio program reported that their chakras had not only been stimulated – but powerfully charged in a way normally associated with intense ritual.

The purpose of working with these energies is to integrate all aspects of your life to create a more holistic being – as our chakras the balance and power of our chakras are instrumental in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Meditation BlogWith degrees in Communications and Massage, Nigel Coates found it a natural progression to share his passion for healing and wellness through his Explore Meditation website.

His quest for integrated well-being and spiritual insight has explored many modalities and principles, even taking him around the world to study with masters.

As a natural communicator, he loves to share his findings with this community of truth seekers.

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      Thanks Fay, Yep there is now lots of diverse info on here after 2 years of work (I should say – ‘exploring a passion’) I look forward to it continuing to evolve. Thanks for the support, Namaste, Nigel.

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    Thanks a lot Nigel for your generosity for sending these very powerful meditations..It gives growth to the body and soul that uplifts you to higher planes..  More power to you and God bless..

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      Thanks Rose. Helping others is helping myself. My goal is to spread love and light. Thanks for your kind words, Nigel.

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