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Brad AustenBrad Austen Brad Austen is a meditation teacher, channel, writer and recording artist in Melbourne, Australia – his guided meditations are known internationally and respected by many in new age circles.

Brad has also trained in Psychic Development and Mediumship, bringing these unique skills and spiritual wisdom to his work.

Brad has contributed several Free Guided Meditations to Explore Meditation, as well as wonderful Meditation packages covering a wide variety of spiritual topics. His articles are both insightful, educational and entertaining.

My personal meditation journey began in 2006 when my Mum suggested I go to a spiritual institute that was in a nearby suburb.

This spiritual school offered many different classes and courses in the spiritual field. I spoke to the receptionist there and took home some brochures on meditation and psychic development.

I later rang and booked to attend a meditation class.

Not long after that, I was sitting in a meditation class run by Debra Bull. I really enjoyed Deb’s guided meditations, and regularly attended her class one night a week.

I recall a powerful vision I had during one of the meditations. It was very vivid and clear.

Buddha MeditationI saw a giant golden Buddha sitting cross-legged, the size of a large room. It was amazing – and one of the most powerful visions I had ever experienced.

The Buddha didn’t speak; he just sat with a big smile on his face.

Later on, I pondered what the meaning of this vision meant, because I felt it was significant.

For me personally, a Buddha represents ascension and attaining spiritual growth. The color gold represents enlightenment of the heart and mind. This vision was so profound; I wanted to express it on paper. This drawing later became the cover artwork of my first guided meditation CD.

I was really enjoying attending these meditation classes with Deb, and the other attendees would often say I was glowing after the class. It was nice to connect with likeminded people, and share the journey with others.

I later went on to study Psychic Development with Deb, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Around the same time, I had just quit a difficult addiction with smoking, and later recorded my journey on an audio CD.

One evening during a meditation class, I had the idea to create a guided meditation CD. This was around the time I met my music composer Justin Smith on a chat server online. Justin had composed mainly chill out music, but liked the idea of composing some music for a meditation CD.

In 2007 I completed my first guided meditation CD with Justin. I went on to create a new guided meditation CD each year after that.

I really enjoy using my imagination and spiritual insight to take people on a journey of relaxation, self-discovery and healing.

A few years later I went on to study Mediumship with Helga Carmona at another spiritual center. I really enjoyed connecting to spirit guides and departed loved ones. During this course, my ability to connect to spirit became stronger and easier. I began to connect to Ascended Masters Saint Germaine and Merlin, who helped me with writing my meditations.

Later on I was given the opportunity to teach meditation classes at the spiritual center.  The classes were usually intimate, with only a handful of people in attendance.

I found that I could connect to my higher self and channel the class, depending on what the class members needed at the time.

It also served as great material for future meditation CDs. Many of the meditations I channeled in class have now been recorded to CD.

I am grateful to have met Nigel Coates online – with his Explore Meditation website. In the digital age we are in, more and more people are using MP3 players instead of CD players and Hi Fi’s. I’m happy to share my guided meditations with Nigel, to help reach a larger spiritual audience online.

Today I am still passionate about creating guided meditation CDs and MP3s, and hope to create many more in the future.

For more information please visit Brad’s Guided Meditation website.

Brad’s Meditation Packages

Affirmations for WealthMoney is an important aspect of our lives, and allows us to have freedom and enjoy the pleasures of the material world.

Abundance can take on many forms. We can have an abundance of friends, an abundance of health and happiness, or an abundance of passion and zest for life, to name a few examples. 

These positive affirmations will help to reprogram your subconscious mind and beliefs from a limited state into a positive expansive state of mind.

Sleep MeditationsDid you know it takes the average person just 7 minutes to fall asleep?
7 MINUTES! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

But if it takes you a lot longer than that, and you wish you could nod-off easily, and you crave nothing more than a good night’s sleep to restore your sanity … you have probably already tried the obvious suggestions;

  • Avoid caffeine late in the day
  • Ensure regular exercise is part of your week
  • Get into a regular bedtime routine
  • Drink a warm cup of milk before bed

But what if you’ve tried them all and they haven’t worked?

Grounding MeditationThese guided meditations are designed to assist you with grounding and healing yourself and the world around you.

Grounding is an important practice when delving into the realm of spirit, as it helps to anchor higher energies onto the planet and assists you to feel safe and connected to the earth mother.

The meditations in this package are also designed to assist you with connecting to your higher-self for guidance and healing – and spreading that light out into the world.

Inner Child Healing MeditationsMany of us didn’t have a perfect childhood. In our innocence we can be hurt or let down by our parents and guardians, which can leave us feeling unsafe, hurt or afraid.

Although we grow into adulthood, that part of ourselves… our Inner Child, is always with us.

Sometimes as a child we may repress feelings or trauma to protect ourselves or because we felt unsafe to express ourselves at the time. If you have experienced this, your inner child may need some healing.

If we have unresolved issues from our childhood, it can create blocks and trauma in our adult life. The good news is that it is never too late to heal wounds of the past.

Guided Meditation is particularly useful if you wish to heal your Inner Child.

Higher Self MeditationThese Guided Meditation MP3 Downloads are designed to assist you to work with your guides – and create a relationship with your higher self (which is your link to the realm of spirit).

When in a state of meditation – our energetic vibration is raised. Our brain resonates and functions with theta brain wave frequencies, which allows us to access both information and healing that we usually can’t access during our day-to-day activities.

But with practice, we become more familiar with this mode of operation, and it becomes much easier to connect with spirit and receive the guidance and healing we need and desire.

Relaxation MeditationThese guided meditation downloads are designed to assist you to relax, unwind and de-stress.

They are great for beginners to meditation, or anyone simply needing to take some time out from their busy schedule.

One of the meditations focuses on teaching you to slow your thoughts and control your mind, while the others assist you with working with the breath to consciously relax your muscles and body.

Healing MeditationThese guided meditations are designed to assist you to work with the light – for healing of yourself, your relationships and strengthening your psychic self-defense.

Relationships are an important aspect of our lives and daily interactions… and we all have some relationships that are dysfunctional or not for our highest good.

These meditation downloads are designed to assist you to cut the ties, build your psychic protection and offer clearing and healing of your energy and space.

Depression Anxiety MeditationAnxiety and depression are very common conditions in our modern society.

Living with these conditions doesn’t make you any lessor human being. In fact it often means you have greater empathy and an open heart.

I have had bouts of panic attacks and depression for many years. The content of this album is very close to my heart, something I was inspired to create, not only for myself but to help others. 

Visualization and meditation have really helped me; the trick is remembering to use these tools during a crisis.

Crystal Healing MeditationsCrystals are timeless creations of the mineral kingdom. They store and amplify energy and assist with healing the human body, on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

Crystals assist with connecting us to the realm of spirit, and our higher self, and work to strengthen these connections.

Each crystal is unique and contains certain properties to help balance our chakras and aid in physical healing and wellbeing.

The guided meditations on this album, guide you to work with crystals in different ways to facilitate your own healing, intuition and spiritual growth.

Healing MeditationsAs a human on this planet we can experience a range of emotion from love to fear and everything in between.

Fear can prevent us from taking risks in life and also slow our spiritual growth. It can also be a precursor to spiritual growth by motivating us to face our fears and take action.

Often we have pain and trauma in our heart that needs to be released and healed.

The guided meditations in this package are designed to support and assist you to release your fears and heal your heart in a safe space. The last track takes you on a special journey to heaven to review your life and meet and connect with your departed loved ones.

Brad’s Free Guided Meditations

Facing Your FearsFear is a powerful force. It entwines itself through our entire existence in so many ways.

Much has been written on recognizing your fears and the value of facing them head on, but fear is not a simple concept – and overcoming them can be a daunting process.

I had a friend who was scared of heights. To prove he was a real man he jumped from a plane.

I had a friend who was scared to be alone, so she jumped from one man’s bed to another.

I myself was scared of the unknown, and walked along my spiritual path jumping in fright at every new encounter.

Relaxation MeditationIn the fast paced world we live in, taking time out to unwind and relax is becoming more important and necessary.

Job and family demands can build up and become overwhelming… Not to mention the constant bills, car payments and rent or your mortgage.

What is the solution?

Well there are many, but a very simple one is to practice relaxation meditation.

With meditation – you begin to feel an inner peace and stillness. It allows you to slow your down your mind and hush the constant mental chatter.

Ultimately, you learn to take control of our thoughts and emotions – and the little bumps in the road of life become much smoother.

Meditation Spirit of GaiaThe Spirit of Gaia is the sacred consciousness of the planet, also referred to in some indigenous cultures as Mother Earth.

It is a belief that there is spirit in everything; in each blade of grass, in each petal of a flower…

There is energy and consciousness in each drop of water and each grain of sand.

Gaia is evolving as humanity is evolving. It is an interlinked partnership. As humanity shifts to a higher vibration and changes, so does the planet.

There is a lot of physical earth movement and changes occurring at the moment, as Gaia is shifting and aligning her energy to hold and support this higher vibration.

Crystal MeditationPracticing regular meditation can be extremely beneficial.

It is a safe and simple way to balance your physical, emotional and mental states.

Spiritually, meditation enables one to attain higher states of consciousness, allowing a greater sense of awareness and connection to spirit. And often, solutions to problems and insights in your life are realised during meditation.

Meditating with crystals can bring a whole new dimension to the practice of meditation, as crystals can greatly enhance the energy of your intent, whether it be for connection with your guides, raising your vibration, psychic protection or healing.

Rainbow MeditationI recall from my childhood driving in the car with my family. It was raining and the sun was just beginning to break through the clouds.

A beautiful rainbow began to form overhead.

As a kid I recall watching cartoons that depicted that if you ever reached the end of the rainbow, you would meet magical elves and faeries and be rewarded with a pot of gold. I would often fantasize about this and one day I tried to reach the end of a rainbow to no avail. As I walked closer the rainbow got further and further away.

But I kept believing there were magical fairies and elves awaiting anyone who could reach the end of the rainbow.

Psychic ProtectionYou walk in to a busy shopping center to do your groceries. It is loud, busy, and not all of the energies are nice.

A couple is arguing in the corner, a baby is crying uncontrolled, the cashier hates their job and secretly wishes the isles would fall like dominoes and crush all of the customers.

We all have situations in our lives where we must interact with people without our choosing. Whether it is strangers on a bus, relatives at Christmas, or school and work colleagues…

We all know the feelings … Some people make us feel great and uplifted; others drain our energy and leave us flat.

But should our well-being be at the mercy of others? Definitely Not.

Free Grounding MeditationChances are you have heard someone talking about ‘grounding’ at one point or another.

But what does grounding actually mean?

Grounding is a spiritual term, referring to centering your soul in your body, and in turn, connecting it with Mother Earth.

When these connections are strong, it can help you feel safer and more in touch with the earth and Mother Nature.

If you experience a lot of fear and anxiety in your day-to-day, it is possible that you have become ungrounded.

So what is the best way to ground yourself? It’s quite simple really – and you have choices.

Brad’s Latest Articles

Balanced LifeA spirit-inspired guest post by Brad Austen.

How does one become or remain balanced in an imbalanced world?

With so much negativity and suffering happening in the world, it can be a challenge not to get drawn in and affected by it. You only have to switch on the TV or listen to the radio to hear about all the negativity and bad things happening in the world. Mainstream news is usually roughly 90% negative and 10% positive, which is very unbalanced reporting.

It also isn’t an accurate reflection of the majority of humanity; most people are inherently good.

Brad AustenBrad Austen Brad Austen is a meditation teacher, channel, writer and recording artist in Melbourne, Australia – his guided meditations are known internationally and respected by many in new age circles.

Brad has also trained in Psychic Development and Mediumship, bringing these unique skills and spiritual wisdom to his work.

Brad has contributed several Free Guided Meditations to Explore Meditation, as well as wonderful Meditation packages covering a wide variety of spiritual topics. His articles are both insightful, educational and entertaining.

Life JourneyAs a child I use to read a series of choose your own adventure books. For those that aren’t familiar with them, basically it was a children’s story that allowed the reader to choose what the character experienced.

Similar to life, in the book, you could make choices based on free will.

There were usually three different endings in these books. Some of the consequences the character in the book experienced could be considered good, bad and ugly. It was a novel idea; as just in life, we are all living our own choose your own adventure story.

Path to EnlightenmentThere are many paths to enlightenment and no particular right or wrong way to get there.

Essentially it is about going within, working on your thoughts and belief structures and taping into your sub conscious mind.

There becomes a time where the conscious and sub conscious minds merge; whereas before the sub-conscious was hidden, yet still influencing your thoughts and day-to-day living.

To me this defines what enlightenment means, to have greater awareness.

Consciousness AwarenessA spirit-inspired guest post by Brad Austen.

Transcending victim consciousness is an interesting topic to contemplate.

On a human level our awareness is somewhat limited, in comparison to our soul’s level of awareness. We all have a soul, but it can be a faint whisper in our lives, unless you nurture this connection.

For many the ego and personality are the driving force in one’s life, but this is also gradually changing, as we go through the shift in consciousness. As human beings we have free will, so whether these inner and outer changes happen quickly or slowly is up to us.

In the spirit world before we are born and have decided to come to earth, a contract or soul agreement is drawn up with our guides.
This contract also involves other people, our family, friends and future partners, who we choose to grow and learn from. When we are born into this world, for the most part we agree to forget our real home, our past lives and our soul agreements.

Spiritual GrowthMountains are symbolic in life of overcoming one’s challenges – and rising to the top and succeeding.

We all have different challenges in life to overcome that we have chosen from a spiritual level. As we overcome a challenge, we don’t have to address it again, and we can move onto bigger and better things.

This is also the nature of ascension.

Like a mountain, the journey becomes steeper and more challenging the higher you climb; but the rewards are also greater.

Destiny or FateIs our Destiny pre-planned or do we have choice?

Human destiny is an interesting topic to explore, as many people in their lives will wonder what the future has in store for them.

Generally there are two schools of thought on this subject.

One belief is that we create our own destiny with our thoughts, words and actions, moment by moment, each day.

The other school of thought is that our destiny is already pre-planned; we created it before we were born.

AscensionA spirit-inspired guest post by Brad Austen.

There is a wealth of information about ascension in the new-age community floating around the Internet. Some of it has truth in it, and some of it can be confusing, misleading and inaccurate. Learning to exercise discernment is an important part of ascension. If something doesn’t resonate, including this article, feel free to take in what resonates and discard the rest.

This Q & A on ascension is information I have channeled from my higher self on my experiences with ascension. All of our experiences with ascension will be slightly different and unique to us, because we have lived lives in different cultures, in varying time periods, with varying experiences of ascension. In most cases, if you are interested in ascension in this lifetime, you have ascended before, or in other lifetimes.

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  • Nigel Coates
    It's great to have you on board Brad. Your words and Meditations are doing great things for people. Let's grow together :) Nigel.
  • Oxalis
    Yes i agree with Nigel. The meditations particularly, have a life-transforming effect!
  • Brad Austen
    Thanks Nigel and Oxalis. It's nice to know that people get benefit from the meditations. I don't always hear directly from people that listen to my meditations, I am grateful that exploremeditation allows this feedback.
  • Rosemarie
    Thank you for the wonderful meditations you have made available. You were born to do this! Sent with love nd gratitude Rosie x
    • Brad Austen
      hi Rosemarie, Thanks for your kind words. I really enjoy creating guided meditations and sharing them with the world. It's always a thrill hearing from listeners, such as yourself. Thanks again.
  • karen
    Hi Brad Would just like to say thanks for tracks. For me they are some fo the best gudied meditation i have used. you dont spend too long on relaxtion and breathing and the sounds and music work perfectly. Can we have some more soon xxx
    • Brad Austen
      Hi Karen, Thanks for the feedback, I am happy to hear you enjoy them. :-) I will be creating more meditations in the future, I usually release 2 new albums a year. Cheers!
  • michelle
    Thank you so much for these wonderful meditations. The music, words and your voice combine to create such a spiritual space in the midst of a somewhat mad world. Heartfelt thanks!
    • Brad Austen
      Hi Michelle, Thanks for your comments, I always appreciate hearing from listeners such as yourself. Yes it can be a mad world we are living in at times, we are in the midst of a lot of change and transformation. Thanks for taking the time to give me some feedback.
  • Kathleen
    Hello Brad, I have your guided meditation CD and love it. Your voice is so calming and the meditations are wonderful. Thank you, Kathleen.
    • Brad Austen
      Hi Kathleen, that's great, I am happy to hear you are enjoying the meditations. Thanks for letting my know. :-)
  • Rodger
    Wow! I didn't know you had so many meditations. I'd only seen the crystal ones before. Downloaded a set I bought and it is cool you have a bunch of free ones too for people.
    • Brad Austen
      Hi Rodger, yes I've produced quite a few meditations over the years. Nigel and I wanted to offer some for free as well. Thanks for your feedback and supporting my work, I hope you enjoy them. :)Namaste, Brad

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