Automatic Writing

How to Automatic WritingI’ve always enjoyed writing. It’s one way in which I can express myself creatively.

I like to capture the essence of a thought or concept and get it on the page so that others have the opportunity to see its beauty.

It’s a thrill to have a blank piece of paper in front of me and an hour to spare!

I’ve written poetry, stories, commercials, film scripts, sales copy and blog articles. They are all very different beasts – even though they are all crafted from the same 26 letters and a few bits of punctuation.

Something I’ve never had to deal with is writers block. (I actually have trouble getting the words down fast enough!) I would feel myself enter a creative zone – and the rest of the world would fall away. It was just me and the page … Or so I thought…

Especially with my creative writing, I would often finish a stint and read back over my words to see if it made sense. Often, it was as though I was reading it for the first time. It had not been 10 minutes but I could hardly remember writing it. It was written in a prose that was more dignified than how I would speak naturally, (as though it was from a time long-past), and even some of the words I had used … I wasn’t really sure of their meaning.

(You can check out my free Spiritual Short Stories here.)

I did question what was happening to me when I wrote, but it felt so natural and the results were great so I didn’t really care that I couldn’t come up with reasonable explanation.

But the first time I heard of the term “Automatic Writing” – I was naturally, very intrigued.

Automatic Writing Definition

I was to learn that Automatic Writing was the process of allowing spirit to inspire your thoughts. It was having the ability to get words on the page that did not come from your conscious mind.

It was allowing yourself to enter a waking trance so that you could, in effect, channel the information from a higher-source.

Writing AutomaticallyThe concept of Automatic writing is a hard one for spiritualists to prove is real and for scientists to dis-prove as nonsense. The skeptics say that it’s less-likely to be a paranormal phenomenon and more likely to be a creative spark in the sub-conscious mind.

The irony is that those looking at it scientifically are logical by nature and (they have proven themselves) that they spend more time processing the world using their logically driven left hemisphere of their brain. One of the reasons they don’t get it is that it’s very much the domain of the creative / intuitive right-side brainers.

In essence, automatic writing is channeling, and as such, should be given due credit and reverence.

Just as I would never; sit to meditate without asking my personal guides for protection, or give full permission for any entity that so desired to enter my energetic space and take control of my being – automatic writing should also be carried out with spiritual ceremony.

How to Write Automatically

Set your clear intention before you start. Call in your guides or angels and let them know you are exploring your abilities and would very much appreciate them keeping you under their protective wing. Become aware of your breath and relax your body – but don’t get to pompous with the ceremony, especially on your first attempts. It is more important that you try to enjoy yourself and have some fun with it.

Trips to the spiritual playground should fill you with joy!

I find it easier with pen and paper, while others prefer to touch type. (I use my computer a lot for work – so I have a logical energy association with it, more so than intuitive.)

Give permission to your personal guide or your higher self to use your hand to communicate. Invite them to use it. Go for it!

How To Automatic WritingAnd then let the pen do what it wants. Look away from the page and let your hand run automatically. Do your best to keep your logical thoughts out of the process, but if it keeps jumping in, try counting to ten repeatedly out loud to entertain it while your hand intuitively scribbles away.

Do not filter, adjust, summarize or contemplate any of what comes through. Close your eyes if it helps. MESSY WRITING IS OK!

So what if the writing is illegible or one long sentence? ‘Punctuation’ is over-rated anyway!

When you are done, give thanks. Disconnect from spirit and draw your energy within so you are again standing strongly in your own power. Wrap up the automatic writing ritual in your own way … and only then re-read what you have written (or your guide has – I should say).

It may be nonsensical garbled gobbledygook – or it may surprise you with truth. It may be in a different style of handwriting than yours, or even another language!

And just like with absolutely everything else in life – you will get better with practice.

If automatic writing intrigues you, don’t just try it once, twice or even ten times before you give up because you haven’t yet channeled the lost scrolls of Atlantis.

If you enjoy writing, or wish you could channel, play with the process of automatic writing as a tool for creative expression – with the potential for accessing a greater wisdom.

I’m not saying that every time I sit to write I am trance channeling, but I do enter a spiritually-aware frame of mind and allow the process to follow a natural course. I’m sure I have creative help.

Purists will say that unless you are completely channeling a higher being it’s not Automatic Writing (according to its definition), but they can say what they want. It makes me happy and the results are great!

I think you are successful at automatic writing just for trying! So congratulate yourself as you begin.

Developing Your Automatic Writing

Developing Your Automatic WritingJust as voice channels develop relationships with the entities they work with, as you gain confidence and develop your ability, you too will become familiar with the energy of different guides. At that time it is appropriate to ask for a name and their relationship to you.

You write the question. They write the answer. Easy.

When you are confident with this back and forth – the knowledge of the universe is then accessible to you. And the more you do it, the easier and faster it becomes.

The guides that were originally drawn to me shared their wisdom and beauty through short stories. Did I have a part to play in the end result? Sure. So did spell check, and the friends who told me to expand some bits and cut out others.

But the creative inspiration and the spiritual growth concepts within my stories had divine origins.

Help With Your Automatic Writing

Help with Automatic WritingIf you would like help to Contact the Other Side through Automatic Writing, I have discovered a special audio recording created by Jim McElwee.

If you are familiar with Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones, you will know that simply listening to a specially crafted MP3, the operating frequency of your brainwaves can be controlled to get you in the right frame of mind.


The program is guaranteed to give you amazing results!

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Jim says, ‘It’s deceptively simple how automatic writing works, but how do you know you’re working at the exact wavelength you’re supposed to? Hit play on our recordings and pretty soon you’ll be writing notes from the spiritual realm and gaining insight from some of history’s greatest minds. The most powerful tie we have to the past is the people who lived before us. It’s time to tap into this incredible resource today.’

Using Binaural Beats… Sine wave generators are used to create two separate frequency waves, which are played in each ear independently. The brain reacts by creating a third tone which is the difference between the two. It instantly reacts to these frequencies causing a Shift in Consciousness. Using this technology, your brain can be programmed to weed out interferences and open up the communication channels inside your mind that are blocked by your own consciousness.

Using Isochronic Tones… Your brain-waves will tune to the lower Theta frequencies, exciting the spiritual center of the brain and reducing or entirely removing the barriers blocking you from receiving messages from the spiritual realm. Using your pen and paper or computer to channel in your quest for wisdom, you will receive written records from a higher spiritual place.


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His quest for integrated well-being and spiritual insight has explored many modalities and principles, even taking him around the world to study with masters.

As a natural communicator, he loves to share his findings with this community of truth seekers.

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38 Responses to Automatic Writing

  • Deepti Gujar

    Hi, thank you for sharing this writeup on Automatic Writing. I have been drawn to various forms of writing as you have mentioned early on in your article, but now I’m learning to write from a more natural, authentic place in me… Its not so much of a channeling other than an having your Higher Self guide you. I was wondering if you know of a technique called non-dominant hand writing; it’s something I learnt as a part of Inner Child work and has proven to be very healing regardless of the msgs one gets from it. I was wondering if it is related somehow with automatic writing. Do let me know. Thank you. Love and light

    • Nigel Coates

      Hello Deepti, thanks for sharing. I have heard of non-dominant hand writing, but don’t know enough about it to comment. Something I will look into though. Thanks. And yes, I think ‘Guided Writing’ or ‘Inspiried Writing’, is where your higher self – or other blessed being works with you without taking control. Im sure this happens (in varying degrees) more often than people are aware. I will head over to your blog to explore you view of the world. Lovely to connect! Nigel.

  • Alex

    Very good information. I wish there was more on the internet about automatic writing but there doesn’t seem to be much on the subject. Most places seem to have a basic description of how to get started and that’s about it. For me, and I’ve only been doing it a little while, I think using a keyboard is easier. If it is necessary for an entity to intervene in order to move the writing implement (though that’s not how I do it) I believe it would be easier to move a finger to a button rather than a whole pen or pencil in order to articulate, on paper, an entire word and then a string of words.

    I am always torn and looking for confirmation of what I’m getting isn’t just my subconscious mind spitting out random bits of information and forming them into answers for other people. But, to me, it does seem to be that automatic writing is similar to tarot cards in the sense that it helps you to externalize what you could probably listen to quite easily from within yourself. It gives a focal point, a place to direct your intention, so that messages can come through from spirit.

    I enjoy it, I just wish there was a way to remove doubt, and a way to have confirmation on a few things. I wish there were move people doing it!

    • Nigel Coates

      Hi Alex, great points. One way that removes the doubt, is to get external confirmation. Get a psychic reading, ask advice from a friend, or just wait for the event to play out. With practice and confirmation, your confidence will grow. Enjoy! Nigel.

    • Natalie

      Thank you for writing this.  I did automatic writing for the first time in December 2013 & it made me realize a few things. First, this came to me naturally so after reading how it works for the first time I got chills to know this happened before I understood it. I know of a past life, which I thought too amazing to be true, only to find confirmation from friends and my own curious experiences. I have always felt the need to write a book since a very young age, now I know that it is part of my purpose.  I’m very excited to be an Indigo. Maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to be guided in writing of the lost scrolls of Atlantis.

      • Nigel Coates

        Brilliant Natalie, do it first and read the instructions later – love it. Sounds like me trying to wire the TV to the surround sound 😉 It’s great that you are connected to the energy of such a positive and exciting future. Keep feeding those ideas with love! Namaste, Nigel.

  • renu viswanath

    I have been asking guidance from angels in auto writing and i have found it to be a rather overwhelming experience each time. i have taken this a step further in my life. I have to address the assembly of primary children almost everyday as the head of the primary school and I have do ‘auto speaking’.I seek the help of angels everyday asking them to help me say what is needed by the children…and it never fails me. I am rather afraid of public speaking but seeking angel guidance has always helped me say the right thing, the right way and at the right moment.I feel truly blessed.

  • penni

    Hi Nigel
    I receive messages and write them down from my unique spiritual angel. Is this considered automatic writing. I would love to be able to extend what I consider to be a gift. How is this achievable? I have read your above notation and feel inspired.
    thankyou for sharing your thoughts with us

  • Annie

    Hi Nigel, I am researching Automatic Writings as for many months I have been having trouble sleeping because of what feels like excess energy in my forearms and hands.

    I have tried many many things, but through meditation groups, spiritual church, etc, many have mentioned that perhaps I am meant to be writing when I get this energy.  I only ever get it at night though.  Does this resonate with you at all?

    • Nigel Coates

      Yes Very Much! I have heard of it several times – both related to writing and healing, (Healing is energy shifts in your hand chakras). Just have pan and paper at hand, and when the feeling hits, have a play. People have told me they are often surprised by what hits the page… things phrased in ways they wouldn’t normally use, etc. Would love to hear how you go :) Nigel.

  • madhuri

    hi, i want to be able to connect my dead friend, can i do it thru this? will it work?  please help.  thanks so much.

    • Nigel Coates

      I wouldn’t start out with that as your intent… Have a go with the ‘training-wheels’ on first. Just have a play and see what happens for you. Letting go of your expectations may be required though, to allow room for all possibilities. Nigel.

    • Rajat

      Hi Madhuri,

      I won’t suggest you to get automatic writing done with that motive. If there is anything that needs to be communicated between you both, then there is a high possibility that your friend can give messages. If the soul has released, then I suggest not to call it back for our satisfaction – it can be painful for them. So dear I am sure there are things you want to communicate or talk about, but there could be a better way to do it.

  • Rajat Chadha


    I have been practicing automatic writing in Delhi, India for past 4 years now. I feel it is one of the most powerful & quick technique that can be used for getting answers to questions. Angel, spirit guides, ascended masters, GOD — all are there to help us and we need to open ourselves to their guidance. I usually write the messages on paper and sometimes I end up making some images – especially the ones with very strong message. I feel all us are divine and have a very strong part us that is ready to be connected — but its our fear and ignorance that stops us from recognizing that part. So all those who ask me about it, I suggest them to do a sliver light grounding for protection and just listen to your inner self. Don’t be too critical about your own strengths and inner voice.

    Love & Light to all. May the divine always favor you.

    • Preeti Ahuja

      Hi rajat
      Can u please mention where in Delhi do u practice
      Thanku u

      • Rajat Chadha

        Hi Preeti,

        I have my center in GK Enclave, near M- block Market.

        • Anshu

          Hi, I just read a book by the name of ‘Laws of the Spirit World’ and am very much interested in automatic writing… Thanks and Regards, Anshu

          • Nigel Coates

            That’s Great Anshu. There are so many valuable resources in the world today. There has never been a time of more accessible information. Enjoy the Freedom! Namaste, Nigel.

  • Ron

    Hello Nigel. I like your blog. Very interesting thoughts, comments and replies. I have been doing this ‘automatic’ writing for about thirty years – primarily as a self-guide and best friend. I have just decided to communicate about it and am stumbling through my very first blog on the topic. Regards, Ron.

  • Jenny

    I have been automatic writing for a while now. I questioned myself many times thinking it was my higher self, even used my left hand and asked to write in french as I didn’t know any french … it still worked. Archangel Michael writes with me and has questions from others every day. I even had a boy come through with information like when he died, how he died and his mothers name. He lived near where I am. My psychic told me I would write a book in 6 months due to automatic writing so we will see. I love this connection. By the way I write completely different in automatic writing than I normally do.

    • Nigel Coates

      Love it Jenny. What a beautiful gift you have. For me, hearing that you can write left handed, in a different style, or different (unknown) language, is complete confirmation you are connecting to and channeling a higher source. In some ways though, it doesn’t really matter. If you are getting great info – that resonates with you as truth… and can make the world a better place, that’s what’s important. Good Luck with the book! Keep us posted :) Namaste, Nigel.

      • Jenny

        Hi just an update. Archangel Michael writes everyday with me I find if I hold a pen to paper without thinking it writes. I have arguments with him everyday (lol) making him prove to me its true. When he proves it he says now can we get on with the book. So the book is underway. I do keep journals of every conversation we have. The funny thing is he can’t keep a surprise he writes to tell me I’m getting a surprise and then tells me what it is. I hope everyone else out there enjoys the time like I do.

  • Horst H. Balthes

    I know these connections do exist, since I’ve had strong PLR’s many times. Automatic writing, however, I’ve never tried, but will so today. Will keep you posted of the outcome. Thanks for being on the team, Horst

    • Nigel Coates

      Isn’t it funny how we are drawn to certain things at certain times? It can be the influence of a friend, a Facebook post, or a seemingly random thought. I’m sure there are many people who are into Automatic Writing, but haven’t tried a Past Life Regression. Isn’t it a great journey we get to choose? Wishing you success, Nigel.

  • romita

    Hi Nigel, I like your blog its really interesting. I heard so many times about automatic writing but never did that which I wanted for my family and friends needs not for fun. I am heart patient but mentally very strong with lots of emotions for others. I would like to ask if it’s ok if I try the way you have said? If any evil spirits enters what should I do? Please suggest how can I contact my mom or my elder sister who passed away in 1991 and 1996. Please help. Thanks a lot and Namaskar. :)

    • Nigel Coates

      Hi Romita, yes, trying as I have suggested above is a great place to start. Use psychic protection to give yourself assurance that nothing bad will happen to you. Call in your angels and guides to watch over you and keep you safe. It’s not a necessary step, but to give peace of mind to help ease your concerns. If you ever feel uncomfortable during any spiritual practice, simply stop. Leave the space you were in. Ground yourself and make sure your breath is calm. Most ‘bad experiences’ are completely concocted in the minds of the person – compared to actual bad spirits getting involved. It’s important you trust the process and safety. if you are halfhearted and reserved, your logical mind will limit your intuitive success. To connect with specific people, I suggest joining a spiritual development group or seeing a professional to get you underway. All the very best with your adventures. Namaste, Nigel.

  • Patricia Kelley

    Hi Nigel…I’m on your list and found your blog on automatic writing. I just launched a kindle ebook on Amazon…and believe you’d like it, as well as your readers. It’s called: “The Easy Quick-Start Guide to Journaling, Channeling and Automatic Writing For Peace, Power, Purpose and Prosperity.”

    Please take a look…and it’s only $2.99 for those interested. Thanks for your work!

  • Aruna

    This is what I wrote when I let myself go after starting to read your page:

    It is in the construction of the essence that our nerves steep into the voracious mixture of the acids that come forth from glue. We bellieve in the intentions and the soaring octaves of the mad dispensnsed with pandemonium. Hail a strike on the martyrrd affluence and we begin by believing the spirit of the sense, the flux of the sensual and the ethereal notions of our existence.
    He goes down with the pain as comfort and we bring it up for him to fall back again. It is an arduous ecstacy for humiliation, but in the deepest crevice is a blocked loop which was once a spiral and the counterforce is only stronger. How the balance ends, and how it seeks its qualities are in essence a juxtaposition for the soul. We reverberate though the masses an echo that clings to our cells that we magnify in bulk and whisper to moths. Yes we go towards the light, and in shadows we find solace. But the solace may become stagnant if we don’t step into the burning heat of the adrenaline for that is what makes us into an elastic.

    Think of me in your dreams.

  • Neha S

    Hi Nigel, I liked your blog. Keep it up. Could you tell me what are the possible risks involved if an evil spirit is talking to me instead of my spirit guide then how’d I know that? and How do I prevent it from doing any harm to me?  I am thinking of trying it in the room which is devoted to GOD because I think it is the safest place. Do you agree?

    • Nigel Coates

      Hi Neha, and thanks for your comment. It is a concern for many. Firstly, you need to trust yourself. You need to trust that you have the intuitive ability to be able to tell what feels right, from what feels wrong. Just as you would meet some people in the real world, and they would give you a yucky feeling – or you just wouldn’t anything to do with them… It is the same with spirit. You will know. Also, guides working in the light won’t give you riddles… Demand they give you clear you clear and concise information. Always question what you are told. If it doesn’t feel right – then it’s not right for you. Never speak or act against your better judgment. And finally, doing it in a room devoted to God is perfect, as you will have natural confidence you are protected. Although you can do it anywhere at any time, a ‘safe place’ is a perfect place to start. All the very best with it! Namaste, Nigel.

  • Rajat

    Hi Neha,

    I agree with Nigel. Also, Evil/negative entities try to assure you that you are the best or they only trust you for these messages or you are blessed and their favorite. They may also mention about helping you whenever needed and giving you the more powers. Also, cross questioning may irritate them.

    be very sure of avoiding such entities as they may sometimes want to take control of your existence. I usually start with creating a silver light shield around myself. Burning camphor before and after the session is good, but some say its not good for health. So you can keep a rock salt lamp. Always ask the angels to protect you.

    • Nigel Coates

      Brilliant Rajat, Love your work 😉 All great suggestions – thank you, Nigel.

  • Kara Powers

    Hi Nigel, I just found this article today by searching on google. I had the thought this morning when I woke that I should start doing this again.  Haven’t for years and years.  I always had a worry when I did it and wanted to see what you thought.

    Whenever I would do this the writing would start off tentative, my arm & hand starting to vibrate – I would write without knowing what would appear. (I noted in your article that I am not supposed to watch – so I will try this when I attempt it tonight).  The writing would be different from my own and choppy.  But as it continued I would begin to know the word I was writing and then I would start to know the sentence I was writing.  Then it would seem to be my handwriting and the sentences would be more complete.  I would write fast and hear what I was writing (in my own voice).  Then it would just stop with the leaving of the ‘vibration/energy’ I would have been feeling in my hand and my hand would just sort of fall.  Like it was heavy. 

    Have you heard of this before.  It’s not just me writing and calling it automatic writing is it?

    • Nigel Coates

      Brilliant Kara. On reading your comment I feel like you should just trust the amazing experiences you are having. There are many ways to ‘integrate with spirit’, and I believe your experience is a guiding spirit ‘melding’ with your physical being. If you have seen someone do ‘channeling’, it happens in a similar way. The spirit meld with the psychic, and they take on the spirits expressions, manners and nuances. You are doing that, with the pen as your expressive tool.
      As long as you feel comfortable during the process, and that you are comfortable after the experience, then Go For It. Do you learn positive lessons from the words that make the page? Keep going Kara… it sounds amazing to me. 😉 Namaste, Nigel.

  • Jenny

    Hi Kara, What you are feeling in automatic writing is exactly how I first started, when you start to know what is being written before you do it means your connection is getting stronger and you start to doubt yourself because you think it is your higher self talking. I now see the answers and know the answers without writing, people ask me things and I can just tell them and I get shocked still now thinking did I just say that. I write with Archangel Michael every day and if he butts in I just say not now (like a kid) hehe. Its like talking to yourself in your head but it is a wonderful experience and you are blessed to have the talent. Enjoy your journey. Jenny

  • Gyan Mishra

    Dear Nigel, I have been trying to do automatic writing for last 2 weeks and my hands have not moved. I do not know what is the reason; why my hands are not moving. I have also been connected with a link by an acquaintance of mine; she has established the link for me. In fact I want to talk to my son who passed away 3 months back. Though I have been trying my best, I have not been able to write; my hands are not moving at all on the piece of paper. Could you please tell me what could be the reason? Thanks, Gyan.

    • Nigel Coates

      Hi Gyan. Patience. 2 weeks is nothing in Universal time. And it sounds like you are only open to connect with your son… when his spirit may be busy with eternal things. My suggestion is to surround yourself with light, ask to connect with an angel, and try again. Even if you have to make your hand move… just draw squiggles, or write your thoughts as they come to you. let go of wanting to control the outcome. Relax with it. Good Luck! Namaste, Nigel.

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