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Beginner Guided MeditationsThe guided meditations on this download package will introduce you to varied elements of meditation and spiritual growth.

  • Balance and Charge your Chakras
  • Raise your energetic Vibration and Power
  • Feel greater Physical Relaxation than you ever have before
  • Develop your Psychic Intuition
  • Connect with other people on an energetic level
  • And So Much More…

Listen to the first Meditation for Free!

Jigsaw Meditation ScriptThis guided meditation is called ‘The Jigsaw Meditation’ and it was contributed to Explore Meditation by Maureen O’Hara.

Beautifully simple, this meditation allows you to feel grounded and secure, before introducing you to your guardian angel, and then creating the space for you to work on your life purpose.

Read this Script below – or Download it as a PDF.

Setting Boundaries with SpiritBoundaries are important in all areas of our lives as they are a statement that we respect and honour ourselves enough to set one.

It is important to set boundaries in all of our relationships.

So if you are working with spirit, in any capacity, it is vital that you set boundaries for this also.

Spirit is drawn to those that can communicate and if we don’t set boundaries we can get bombarded constantly. No one like to be on call 24 hours, 7 days a week!

<Mystic TempleYou have a lovely, personal, private Temple.
We all do.

Inside your unique Mystic Temple…
you’ll discover all of the wonderful abilities, talents, energies, meditations, astral friends and tools you’ve accumulated over all of your countless lifetimes.

What you find will tell you a great deal about who and what you really are, what your purpose is and what your best tools and strongest abilities are.

Maybe you’ll discover your Mystic Temple inside yourself … Maybe you’ll find it in the Astral Realms.

It doesn’t really matter where your perception tells you it’s located – the process for finding and exploring your lovely Temple remains the same.

You will achieve the best results in these exercises by pouring vast amounts of love into each area as it appears. Love will bring it back to life. Love will protect you and heal everything you encounter.

Love and FearI would like to speak to you about love and fear.

Love and fear cannot coexist; we are either working from one or the other.

In a world where people spend so much of their lives focusing on what they don’t want to happen, which is fear based, love is often absent.

Fear is an extremely strong energy and can take hold in people’s lives and turn into a repeating pattern.

Fear can become our underlying belief and this exists as energy. This energy attracts additional similar energy which then manifests fear in our lives.

Even if a situation has passed we can still be connected energetically to that fear and we need to detach and move on from it for things to change as it can become crippling to our dreams, desires and lives.

Contacting Spirit GuidesCoexisting with us and interwoven around our own dimension of reality is the world of the spirit. In the spirit world dwells countless multitudes of spiritual entities and otherworldly beings that often live in our own world, if we take the patience to observe and look.

When each person on this world is born, he or she is assigned a personal spirit guide. These guides are designed to help us in healing, spiritual guidance, growth, advice, comfort, and even more.

Your spirit guide can also act as a guardian angel for you, to protect you from negative energies and any harm. Think of your personal spirit guide as an eternal friend, that will accompany you and guide you through even the hardest times in life.

Higher Self MeditationThese Guided Meditation MP3 Downloads are designed to assist you to work with your guides – and create a relationship with your higher self (which is your link to the realm of spirit).

When in a state of meditation – our energetic vibration is raised. Our brain resonates and functions with theta brain wave frequencies, which allows us to access both information and healing that we usually can’t access during our day-to-day activities.

But with practice, we become more familiar with this mode of operation, and it becomes much easier to connect with spirit and receive the guidance and healing we need and desire.


2 Responses to Connect with your Angels

  • Gurinder

    Angel Anviur’s Connect with your Angels workshop was very enennhtliigg and full of love. Angel has named my personal angels and since then, I have felt much more connected to my higher purpose. In the workshop, I learned the one of my businesses isn’t serving my highest purpose an inkling of which I had on my own, but I wasn’t sure if my gut instinct was correct. This workshop confirmed it and since then I have felt a release of negative energy! I highly recommend Angel’s Connect with your Angels workshop if you’re interested in learning more answers to your questions.

    • Nigel Coates

      That’s Great Gurinder. The internet is good, but taking a workshop and working with experts, and surrounding yourself with others with similar interests is a perfect way to rocket-launch your progress. Most of my major break-throughs have been at workshops and retreats. And the ENERGY stays with me long after the workshop is over :) Enjoy your journey, Namaste, Nigel.

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