Advanced Meditation

Here you will find all the posts best suited for people with previous meditation experience.

Inner Child Healing MeditationsMany of us didn’t have a perfect childhood. In our innocence we can be hurt or let down by our parents and guardians, which can leave us feeling unsafe, hurt or afraid.

Although we grow into adulthood, that part of ourselves… our Inner Child, is always with us.

Sometimes as a child we may repress feelings or trauma to protect ourselves or because we felt unsafe to express ourselves at the time. If you have experienced this, your inner child may need some healing.

If we have unresolved issues from our childhood, it can create blocks and trauma in our adult life. The good news is that it is never too late to heal wounds of the past.

Guided Meditation is particularly useful if you wish to heal your Inner Child.

Higher Self MeditationThe Higher-Self Alignment is all about taking control of your great power. In this Guided Meditation you connect with the cosmic force of pure energy, that is your higher self, and the grounding energies of Mother Earth.

Drawing them to your heart center, you find peace within that power. On this inward journey you focus your energy, to be truly at one with yourself.

You come to a point of inner stillness, which feels like home. An orb of the purest white light comes to rest at your heart center, allowing you to float in a sea of harmony.

You surrender to the feeling of infinite peace that resides within you.

All thoughts of judgment vanish as you breathe the love of your heart energy.

Heart Guided MeditationThe Cosmic Heart Guided Meditation by Victoria Webby starts with the imagery of walking into the doorway of your heart, to begin a journey of self-discovery – back to the most intimate part of yourself as the first spark of Creation.

This guided meditation is perfect if you need to release old paradigms and beliefs – and set free thoughts that no longer serve you.